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Medicine Staff Americana Series United Tribes North Dakota

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Robert E. Meyer certifies that the prints offered as part of his Silenthunder -" A Native Dance" collection are of a limited edition numbering 25 or This image was photographed by Robert E. Meyer on traditional Ecktachrome 64 film.

The Giclee print starts with a high output scan which is then manipulated slightly for the highest quality digital output by Robert E. Meyer. These prints are printed using museum archival standards as its guide. The paper is a Somerset watercolor printed with MIS inks. For additional archival protection a Lumijet Image Shield was applied. Since each image is individually printed and thus considered an individual work of art, there will inherently be some variation from print to print.

Upon completion of the series, the original photographic negatives and digital scans shall be retired from retail art sales. The copyright remains the property of Robert E. Meyer and his heirs. Reproducing any image in its entirety or in part is forbidden by international copyright laws. 

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