Failure Comes From Not Trying

Have the answer before the problem presents itself.

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Learning How To Fly

Welcome to a great opportunity of exploring, creating, learning, experimenting and participating in lively discussions to enhance    your photographic vision. 


Mentorship Programs will help you overcome your hurdles and develop your strengths. You receive personal attention, creative assignments, and feedback that will help propel you forward with your photography development and towards realizing your photographic goals and dreams.

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Workshops 2022 

International Center Of Photography

This workshop is perfectly designed for students looking to learn the art of studio & location lighting in one intensive weekend, we will explore various lighting techniques to help photographers realize this vision.

This introductory course provides an overview of the essential principles, techniques, and tools for lighting a variety of situations. Demonstrations take place both in the studio and on location.

This workshop will provide you with the necessary mindset to start creating rather than only documenting what you see. We will discuss and demonstrate composition rules, lighting patterns, lighting techniques, special effects gadgets, color temperature and the ability to control light to create your own vision.

This is a participatory workshop in which students are expected to create images extensively and encouraged to enter into a discourse paving the way for total control with the tool of light. Your first experience with lighting was to break the intimidation factor now its time to enter the next level of blending the idea with the appropriate technique in lighting for the intent of your still image.


Specialty Workshops Offered:

  • Taking a Picture/Making a Picture
  •  Directing the Show
  • Controlling the Key-light
  •  Gorillas Shooting
  •  Creative Lighting
  •  Creative Color
  •  Fashion “The Art of Breaking the Rules”
  • Portrait “A Different Perspective”
  • Shooting Your Way To A Million.
  • Studio Techniques

The first thing I say when I am teaching: 

"It's not about my photography, it's all about your photography. I will help you get to where you want to go and then some."

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"Thanks so much for an excellent workshop and experience last week. It was truly terrific and impacts the way I see and look at almost everything -- just as you said.  ank you for sharing your expertise and also for being so candid about your evolution as a photographer. It is success stories like yours that are encouraging when starting out and wondering if we can ever get from here to there."

Virginia L. S. Freire Photography

"He is the King of Light! Robert is to the point, very knowledgeable and generously shares it all with his students. I hired Robert several times as mentor for one-to-one sessions to have his feedback on my work and help me grow my business. Best investment I did! Thank you Robert you are the best teacher & mentor!"

Tamara Gillon Photography

"In addition to Robert’s strong photographic practice he is also a gifted educator. Never once did I hear him boast of his work during the advanced lighting course  I took with him at the ICP. His focus was only on the students and their concerns and needs. He tirelessly avails himself to the class."

Michael Silverwise Photographer

"I thought I knew but now I understand. What a great experience. You are truly inspirational."

Scott Goldberg Photography


are challenged to re-invent how they see light and to use composition to keep the viewer in the picture. With a better understanding of each separately, combining the two will give a photographer the ability to construct an image that is technically sound and artistically striking.


It's all about the light!

There is a noticeable difference between an ordinary snap and a truly memorable image. The memorable shot establishes a connection to the soul of the subject and the photographer's execution in capturing that connection in an instant. The near mystical play of dark and light, the angle that is just right, or the suggestive spread of a shadow to accent a captured moment can elevate a photo to a much higher creative plane.

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Eight Steps to Success

• Decide What You Want

• Write It Down

• Set A Deadline

• Make A List

• Organize Your List

• Take Action

• Do Something Every Day

• Know How To Ask For It

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Looking for the next generation.
Mentoring for the serious photographer.

I believe that what works the best is when an image presents contradiction. Conflicting disciplines or subjects trigger a response from an unknown place.

For some photographers taking pictures is a fun hobby or a form of expression, while for others it becomes a part-time home based business. For a select few it is a serious job and their sole source of income. In order to give yourself a chance too take it to another level, an artist must understand and balance both the creative side and the business of photography. In practice most avoid the business altogether and few possess relevant knowledge to propel their creative expression.

Hands On • One On One Instruction • Consultation 

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was first used by Johann von Maedler. It is based on the Greek photos “light” and graphe “representation by means of lines” or “drawing” together meaning “drawing with light”.

Robert Meyer believes that the two essential elements in a good photograph are vision and light. Vision is the foundation of a good photograph which determines the way a photographer uses light. This can be the manipulation of natural light or the creation of light through strobes or continuance light sources. In both cases photographers are essentially painting with light. Accomplishing the use of light for a specific effect results in a photograph that reveals what the photographer wants to convey. Light is the primary tool in fulfilling that vision.

Robert Meyer started his photography career 41 years ago. In that time period he has learned how to not only see the light that can be controlled but to feel the light for that believable edge.  That moment in time that reveals something special a thought, an emotion, a feeling that will draw the viewer into the image for that shared experience.

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