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Robert E. Meyer Photography

creates dynamic photographic images.

Robert E. Meyer Photography, established in 1978, became one of Chicagoʼs leading commercial studios Meyer has been responsible for innovative catalog and agency work first in Chicago, then LosAngeles and now New York . Constantly concerned with the changing needs of the advertising print market, Meyer continues to explore new creative and technical avenues in photography. Highly regarded for his ability to give static imagery a degree of depth and believability, Meyerʼs work remains strategically balanced between the commercial and artistic worlds.

“Failure comes from not trying. Loosing comes from not being prepared. From not having the tools to make it happen.

Following your dream sounds easy. Getting to the starting line can take a lifetime. I have been there. Let me help you find your way.”

For some photographers taking pictures is a fun hobby or a form of expression, while for others it becomes a part-time home based business. For a select few it is a serious job and their sole source of income. In order to give yourself a chance to take it to another level, an artist must understand and balance both the creative side and the business of photography. In practice most avoid the business altogether and few possess relevant knowledge to propel their creative expression.


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“The hardest thing to get going is you. Discipline eludes the creative mind. Why loose valuable time learning from your mistakes. I will facilitate an easy yet accelerated transition into the real world of photography.”

Robert E. Meyer



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