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Fort Thompson SD

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Robert E. Meyer certifies that the prints offered as part of his Silenthunder -" A Native Dance" collection are of a limited edition numbering 25 or This art print was made from traditional Polaroid Type 55 negative  created by Robert E. Meyer. 

 Each gelatin silver print has been hand developed, dodged and burned by Robert E. Meyer. The paper is an Ilford warm tone fiber based and Nacco Printol 12 developer. For additional warming and archival protection a Kodak Sepia Toner was used. Since each photograph is hand printed and is considered an individual work of art, there will inherently be some variation from print to print. 

Upon completion of the series, the original photographic negatives and digital scans shall be retired from retail art sales. The copyright remains the property of Robert E. Meyer and his heirs. Reproducing any image in its entirety or in part is forbidden by international copyright laws. 

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